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We request your name, phone number and e-mail address from you. These information help us to process your reservation, to contact with you in case we have any problem regarding your requests, or to submit the electronic confirmation of your reservation. If you are a member, we use your membership ID to link it with the information we have about you in our customer knowledge base in order to accelerate your reservation.

The privacy policy below is applied for the privacy of customer data:

As a member of the website, you can view your personal details, which are stored on your behalf, and, if necessary, you can also update them. 
You can contact with our Customer Services by calling 444 11 70 or you can directly contact with us by sending an e-mail to rezervasyon@avrorentacar.com in which you should provide us your surname and address in order to view your personal data. 

Which information : 
IP Address: We record your IP address when you visit our website. This address only identifies your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not contain any information about you. We use this data in order to monitor the traffic source of our website in a better way. 

If information, such as credit card details, etc., which require security, are needed, we use an encryption technology, called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 

Online Promotions
In case you participate to any competition in our website, we will ask for your certain personal data in order to notify you in case of necessity. Since the conditions or rules of each competition or promotion may change, these conditions or rules will be announced during the competition/promotion. If an award is going to be given through third parties, such data will be shared with them to distribute the awards. 

Online survey
If you participate to any online survey, you might be asked to provide demographic details, such as your age and/or your income, etc. You can either provide all or none of these details. The results of these details will be used to improve the features and usability of our website. 

One of the methods to collect our information when using our website is cookies. These cookies are small text files, installed to your computer’s hard drive by the server of website. In other words, these are the data that help the website to recognize you on your next visit. This text file is neither a command file nor a virus, but it just a unique identifier and can only be read by the web server that has defined it.

The only purpose of a cookie is to notify the web server that you are visiting the website again.

The cookies being used in our website are “continuous cookies”, which stay at your computer until they are deleted. If you don’t want cookies to stay at your computer, you can delete them through the Settings section of your web browser.

Most of the web browsers explain how you will accept cookies, whether your browser will reply to a cookie or not and how you will disable them under their Help section. 
However, it must be noted that cookies allow us to use some useful features of our Avro website and therefore we strongly recommend you to leave these cookies enabled.

Either your web browser or other programs that you have installed to your computer may allow you to disable continuous cookies or all other cookies. In such cases, you will not have any problem when you visit our Avro website, but if these cookies are deleted, you have to enter same information again when logging in or completing a form.
If you left cookies enabled and if you are connecting through a shared computer, please be sure that you have logged out when leaving the website.