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Rent age – 23  years old for vehicles in the economic and middle segment vehicles – 24 years old for upper segment vehicles -25 years old for luxury segment vehicles . The interested person must have a driving license- of minimum 2 years for  vehicles in the economic segment – minimum 3 years for vehicles in the middle segment; minimum 5 years for vehicles in the upper and luxury segment. Since these are the preconditions for renting, you may take delivery of your vehicle only if you submit  your driving license, identity card and credit card to our office .   

Length of time for renting a car.

Length of time for renting a car   shall be calculated on the basis of 24 hours.   Substitute driver: If it is intended to let a second driver drive the car , his/her driving license details must have been recorded while the rental contract is being prepared .  Otherwise all automobile ınsurances shall be invalid and the recorded driver shall be hold responsible for all damages .  Only one person may be recoded as the substitute driver. The fee for a substitute driver is 5 TL… Deposit (Use of credit card): Our customers are required to have a credit card issued in their own name during renting a car.  An amount of minimum 750 TL  shall be blocked for vehicles in the economic class segment while maximum 2500 TL shall be blocked for vehicles in the  luxury class segment out of the credit card and these amounts  may vary depending on the class of the  vehicle that they have rented.    

Price conditions of Avro rent a car: The products and services included in the prices of Avro rent a car. .. The products and services listed below are included in all the prices that you see at the web site:

Security to benefit from the accident  insurance  with exemption – Accident insurance with exemption (CDW) is included in all the prices . Accident insurance with exemption covers the damages that occur during the collision.  If the conditions of the insurance are met, the damages  that occur as a result of the accident shall be  indemnified,provided that  an amount varying between  750 and 2500 TL depending on the vehicle class shall be  covered by the customer.  This insurance does not cover the damages that occur for reasons other than collisions (parking lot, tyres, glass, headlamps).

Use of  km at limitless length: ATTENTION:  VAT!!   The security for benefiting from the insurance shall be invalid  under the conditions specified below and the damages that may arise shall be outside  the scope of the insurance .

– Letting the vehicle used by persons other than those whose names are specified in the  rental contract.

– The use of the vehicle  under conditions different from the normal conditions of use (using the vehicle with a high engine temperature , driving the vehicle under bad road conditions or with flat tyre, filling the vehicle with a false fuel or similar situations).

– Using the  vehicle by violating the traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, continue driving at the red lights and similar violations ), - Using  the vehicle under the  effect of alcohol or drugs,

- A damage or accident caused by any load carried in the vehicle, - Using the vehicle carelessly or without taking the required   measures (failure to adjust the speed according to the road conditions in rainy weathers, failure to follow the vehicle in front of the driver at  the minimum safety distance required and similar situations )-   Failure to inform the  specified  contact phone numbers about an accident or  stealing of the car immediately , leaving the vehicle at the accident site (except the case in which it has been proven by a medical report that there were conditions which prevented to do this). 

– Failure to  obtain the reports related to the accident which are  required  to be received from the relevant official authorities (like traffic and alcohol report ) within 48 hours. Important note: In case of an accident a report on the accident and an alcohol report must be issued before moving the vehicle away from the accident site.  You may obtain information about the formalities to be completed by contacting the phone numbers that shall be  given to you.   The accident report must be delivered to us within 48 hours in order  the motor insurance to remain valid.

– Failure to deliver the original keys of the vehicle in case it has been stolen. – Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval despite the expiry of the rental period .

– The occurence of a damage in the vehicle or in the other party due to load that is carried in the vehicle . Damages on the tyres, glasses and headlamps are not included in the accident insurance with exemption . That insurance may  be bought seperately . 

– The amounts of material indemnity  due to the damage caused on the third parties  are under the security of the scope of the obligatory financial liability insurance. The customer shall be responsible for  the amounts beyond the limits of the security. Insurances  which are not included in the prices of  Avro rent a car. Whole accident insurance  WHOLE MOTOR INSURANCE (SCDW): In case of accident, this insurance

removes the liability of the  renter which changes between  750 and 2500 TL depending on the vehicle class and includes the  damages

which occurs up to the exemption amount without any collisions (like the damages at the parking lot and on the glasses and headlamps in which the third parties are not involved) within the scope of insurance coverage without the requirement of the declaration of the customer and police report.

– Delivery and return; Delivery and return services within the boundries of the city is provided at the Atatürk airport and to the quarters in the vicinity within the working hours to the extend possible. A service  fee shall be charged for delivery and returns services in the  places where our company or our service partners have no offices . Please contact us for service fee and other details .  delayed return: If the rented car is  returned with a delay of 2 hours or more than the specified time of return, a fine shall be  charged in an amount equal to one day’s rental fee. 

Traffic tickets: All traffic  tickets to be incurred  due to  violations of traffic rules during the rental period shall belong to the renter. Reservation : You may make online reservation by filling out the reservation form. Your request for reservation shall be replied within 24 hours . Cancellations of reservations :  Cancellation of reservations must be notified latest 48 hours before the date of the delivery of the vehicle . Cancellations   which have not been notified shall be evaluated as “no show” and a fee equal to one day’s rental fee  shall be charged from the credit card. - Payment : The payment may be effected either in cash or  by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) during the delivery of the vehicle . In case of reservation, the customer shall be deemed to have  automatically accepted the renting conditions specified above.


We request your name, phone number and e-mail address from you. These information help us to process your reservation, to contact with you in case we have any problem regarding your requests, or to submit the electronic confirmation of your reservation. If you are a member, we use your membership ID to link it with the information we have about you in our customer knowledge base in order to accelerate your reservation.

The privacy policy below is applied for the privacy of customer data:

As a member of the website, you can view your personal details, which are stored on your behalf, and, if necessary, you can also update them. 
You can contact with our Customer Services by calling 444 11 70 or you can directly contact with us by sending an e-mail to rezervasyon@avrorentacar.com in which you should provide us your surname and address in order to view your personal data. 

Which information : 
IP Address: We record your IP address when you visit our website. This address only identifies your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not contain any information about you. We use this data in order to monitor the traffic source of our website in a better way. 

If information, such as credit card details, etc., which require security, are needed, we use an encryption technology, called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 

Online Promotions
In case you participate to any competition in our website, we will ask for your certain personal data in order to notify you in case of necessity. Since the conditions or rules of each competition or promotion may change, these conditions or rules will be announced during the competition/promotion. If an award is going to be given through third parties, such data will be shared with them to distribute the awards. 

Online survey
If you participate to any online survey, you might be asked to provide demographic details, such as your age and/or your income, etc. You can either provide all or none of these details. The results of these details will be used to improve the features and usability of our website. 

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